You just can’t make this stuff up.  I ju…

You just can’t make this stuff up.  I just got spammed from….S&P!  These idiots owned by a old-school publishing company, McGraw-Hill.  In fact, I’ve worked on shorting these ratings companies, as I’ve noted in the past in my newsletters, because they are complicit and guilty of much of the fraud and corruption that caused the financial crisis.   You do realize that S&P rated subprime assets as AAA…like the US government is today!  Much of those subprime assets ended up being worth less than 10 cents on the dollar less than a year after issuance.

Here’s part of what S&P wanted me to buy, btw….I’m sure it’s a great value, right:

Principles of Structured Finance is a unique course that provides you with the opportunity to:

• Explore the nuances of assets based on different collateral types
• Identify the unique risks and benefits associated with structured finance for issuers, investors and the broader market

• Utilize cash flow modeling tools to conduct valuation scenario assessments
• And much more

Listen. Practice. Discuss. This course is held in a small, dynamic setting that combines lectures, case studies, exercises and group discussion.

Register today – early registration discount Extended – expires april 22!

I don’t think I’ll make the early registration…true story that one of the lead S&P analysts these days used to work for me back on Wall Street back over a decade ago.  Loved the kid to death, but I wouldn’t want to base my investment decisions on these people who work at a corrupt publishing company.

Keepin’ it real on tradingwithcody, people.