I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been a bigg…

I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been a bigger bull on the app/smartphone/tablet/cloud stocks than yours truly. I’ve literally jumped up and down on national TV with Whoopi Goldberg telling her to buy app stocks. And when I quit my TV job and started getting back into investing, I went through and categorized the entire App Revolution eco-system into eight subsectors and made a report out of it called “50 Stocks for the App Revolution“ that all of you dear readers of TradingWithCody get for free.

Earlier this week, we went back and looked at how the stocks I highlighted in that report have fared in the four months since we first published it, and even I, the poster child app bull, was shocked to see just how much those stocks have indeed outperformed the broader markets. That is, the 50 stocks I highlighted in the the App Revolution report are up some 20% in the last four months vs. the broader stock markets being up less than 10%.

Here’s a sample video from when these App Revolution stock prices were much lower and I was pleading with investors to get in front of this developing App Revolution:

And what’s really wild is that many of those stocks in the report that are up so big are actually “cheaper” now than they were when they were at much lower prices because the fundamentals of just about any tech company that sells or is related to the app/smartphone/tablet/cloud revolution has seen its fundamentals improve even faster than its stock has risen.

There’s indeed an entire burgeoning boom in the App Revolution as smartphone sales go from 100MM in 2009 to 400 million this year to 1 billion by 2017 or so. App downloads and cloud usage will grow exponentially on top of that.

See why we’re so long and strong app/smartphone/tablet/cloud stocks?