Let’s look at some Cloud Revolution char…

Let’s look at some Cloud Revolution char…

Let’s look at some Cloud Revolution charts and behold the mindblowing  growth of the fastest growing subsector (cloud revolution) of the  fastest growing marketplace in the history of the planet (the  app/smartphone/tablet/cloud revolution).

First off, how about the explosive growth in the movement to storing on the cloud what we used to store on our hard drive:

Look at the huge, as yet un-penetrated marketplace for Clouds in the enterprise:

The Cloud is going to be one of the biggest growth industries in the history of business. And in our new book, “30 Stocks for the Cloud Revolution”,    we’ve identified the 30 companies best positioned to benefit from  this   huge new tech sector as we break down the entire Cloud Revolution    eco-system into eight categories, including platform providers and  infrastructure providers:

  1. Consumer Platforms: (4 stocks)
  2. Cloud Services: (5 stocks)
  3. Virtualization: (2 stocks)
  4. Cloud Components: (6 stocks)
  5. Cloud Storage: (2 stocks)
  6. Lower Layer Infrastructure: (4 stocks)
  7. Higher Layer Infrastructure: (4 stocks)
  8. Top Layer Infrasructure: (3 stocks)

Gartner sees some of the same huge growth in the platform as a  service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) as I do.  They  quantify it at nearly 50% annualized growth rate for each from 2009 to  2014.  Yowza:

Let’s keep our eyes on the big prize, people.  And by the way, we still have a full 20% of this week’s trading activity ahead of us!  Stay sharp.