We got a bounce this morning as Nuance and Riverbed rise nicely in the morning trade.   Gold, silver, oil and the other commodities are also up on the day.   Remember earlier this week when everybody was panicking over…what was it again?  The governments in Italy and Spain can’t pay all their debts and want to bail out their bankers for the 983rd time in the last two years…right?  Or something like that.  Here’s the headlines on the WSJ today:

Obama, Cameron Urge Patience on Libya

Edwards Could Be Indicted

Lagarde Announces IMF Candidacy

CNBC’s Mark Haines Dies

Wanna guess how many mentions of Spain and Italy are on the front page of the WSJ just two days after the WSJ reported about how traders were panicking and tanking the stock markets and driving up the dollar and all that stuff because of “new concerns about Italy and Spain”?

Nada.  Zip.  Zero.  None.  48 hours after I told you guys to ignore every single mainstream media outlet as it fueled the fleeting panic over some nonsense in Italy and Spain, there’s not a single mention of Italy or Spain on the WSJ or USA Today.  The only mention of ether Spain or Italy at the NYTimes isn’t exactly about the concerns you should supposedly have about your retirement portfolio because of the idiot governments in two European counties:

Frugal Traveler: Spain’s Mediterranean Beaches Offer a Different Kind of Paradise

See why I told you to ignore it on Monday when the MSM wanted you to panic?  They’ve moved on, and anybody who sold Monday because of whatever the logic behind selling stocks because of Italy and Spain have missed a big move up now.

Point is — let’s continue to stay focused on what matters and ignore the noise that distracts us.  No trades yet today.  See you after lunch.