Okay, final post of the week here on Tra…

Okay, final post of the week here on TradingWithCody.com as we wrap it up for the three day holiday weekend.   It’s important to step away from the fray and clear our minds, and you guys know I’ve been reading, writing, researching, trading, traveling, buying land in NM, meeting with sources, studying stock charts…well, I’ve been working my butt off here on these pages and all over lately.  And indeed, I’m going to try to not spend too much time working on this stock market and economic stuff this weekend, but you know and I know that I’ll be reading, thinking and getting ready for next week anyway.

I just bought myself a little bit of Visteon common stock again…George Soros, one of the richest and most successful hedge fund managers in history, filed that he’s been accumulating a huge position in Visteon lately.  I knew I had some celebrity subscribers, but I better go check and see if he’s one of the biggies who we’ve signed up lately.  Who knows!  Ha.

I really want to buy some call options on Visteon, but there still just too pricey for my blood.  And price discipline must be maintained or you’ll start flailing and chasing.

Thanks again for reading and subscribing and unless there’s some huge market-moving news that I’ll need to comment on over the weekend, I’ll see you guys here Tuesday after the holiday weekend.

Be safe, have fun, plan ahead.