Trader’s thought of the morning…

The markets are trying to rally higher this morning though the bears are certainly going to make a stand at some point today and will test this testy rally.  It’s been a steady drift lower for weeks now, and few bears and shorts have actually gotten as short as they wanted to be for this downturn.  I’m going to do a little buying today and tomorrow while we’re down here near DJIA 12k again and will highlight the purchases as I do them, of course.

Silver was up about 3% early this morning, was down fractionally a bit ago and is now flat on the day.  That’s more of the type of “dislocation” that we, as silver shorts, are looking for.

Trader’s thought of the morning:

The hardest trade to make is usually the right one.

If the hardest trade to make is usually the right one, what trade should you be making right now?   Buying’s harder than selling right now, no?  If you’ve been waiting to buy, perhaps now when you really don’t want to is when you should start?

Back in a bit.