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Agent Brown: Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions. – The Matrix (1999)

Good morning and welcome back to the matrix, where you need to be plugged in to fight but it’s best not to lose touch with the real world.  The markets are indeed continuing yesterday’s rally, breaking the pattern of the last two weeks and following the pattern of what happens when the most recent pattern breaks like it just did.

We’ve had some “weaker than expected by a bunch of a idiot economists polled by some reporter at some media company” economic data early this morning.  What was it, again?  The Fed or consumer confidence (oh, let’s poll people about what they expect and then poll other people about what they expect those people to expect and then let’s trade on whether it’s “better” or “worse” than that latter poll had anticipated) or something like that.  In other words, I’m not trading on that data today and I don’t think anybody should try.  And anyway, the markets are at the day’s highs after that data came out, so even if you know it was going to be weaker than expected, you still would have had to guess that the market wouldn’t care.

We made that VC buy yesterday and that’s it for now, though I’m likely to do a little bit more of steady buying of some common stock in a name or two later today.  Let you know what I’m doing when I do it.

And in the meantime, please come check out the brand new  We’ve updated the whole site and added a few new features. For example, as you’ll see when you come look at the new site, you can sign up right there for a daily email summary of the day’s posts, that will have links and excerpts from that day’s articles.  There’s also an RSS button at the top for those of you who want to keep up with via MyGoogle or on a Yahoo Homepage, etc.

And finally and perhaps most importantly, we’ve taken the chat program that we used to use only at Wednesday’s at 2pm EST for our chat sessions at and we’ve made it a permanent part of the sidebar on the site .  I’ll be popping my head into the chat a couple or three times a day to answer your questions right there live.  We’ll still do the weekly chat sessions at too, by the way, but now we can chat live every day too.

And yes, I’ll have the new book on its way to you guys sometime today, available via email and right there on the site too.  Please let us know what you think of the new design and the new features of