Whoa, it’s been a straight down day of a…

Whoa, it’s been a straight down day of action since the open and we’re finally stabilized here down about 1%.  It could get be a wild day with another 1% intraday move either up or down before this day is over, given that we’ve been so flattish for so long.  Easy does it but if you’ve been waiting to buy some of these names that I’m long, now is probably a good time to start your slow, steady, scale-in approach that I’ve been executing in front of you in real-time.  Here are my longs and shorts so far — and remember I’m only about 1/4-1/3 as invested as I’d like to be this time in another couple months.   Here’s what’s one the sheets:

Net longs:

  • Apple,
  • Adtran,
  • Celestica,
  • Ciena,
  • Cisco,
  • Cypress,
  • DBA,
  • Corning,
  • Google,
  • Microsoft,
  • Nokia,
  • Nuance,
  • Riverbed

Net shorts:

  • XLF,
  • Cablevision,
  • Lender Processing Services,
  • Live Nation