A few little tweaks to the portfolio (and don’t forget to meet me for today’s chat)

A few little tweaks to the portfolio this morning. (And don’t forget to meet me at http://tradingwithcody.com/chat at 2pm EST today for our weekly anything-goes Q&A).

I’m doing mostly some trimming here, cutting back a little bit of our increasingly outsized long exposure, which continues to kick in as the calls we bought at lower levels have rallied outsized relative to their underlying stocks.

Am selling just a little Apple common, a small portion (less than 10% of my exposure) of my Sandisk calls, and a little bit of my Cisco calls (also less than 10% of my exposure).

I’m also buying just a tiny bit more of come Goldman calls dated out early next year, with strikes just over $100 or so.

Getting just a little bit less long overall after this huge run we’ve had of late.