A little Apple trim

It’s probably time to sell a little bit of our Apple here. I’m going to look to start letting gently offering some of my Apple shares, which has been my biggest position for a very long time, as you guys all know, up for sell here above $560 today. No rush, no reason to panic, but with AAPL having been my biggest position and with the stock continuing its vertical climb higher, discipline dictates that we look to lock in some of these huge profits.

Apple will remain my biggest position and I’d rather it continue to climb than to see it pullback, but this will give me increased flexibility to buy more Apple or Apple calls the next time the stock gets hit.  These are the type of gentle trades that I’ve been doing with Apple since it was at $7 a share and I plan on continuing to do if it climbs to my $1000 price target by 2015. Buy weakness, sell strength, and be patient about doing both.