A snapshot of the headlines says a lot…

A snapshot of the headlines says a lot…

A snapshot of the headlines says a lot.  For what it’s worth, only James Altucher and I seem to be wanting to buy this market on this crash.  We could both certainly be dead wrong, but I’d rather be a contrarian.  Matter of fact, contrarianism is a form of “hardest trade to make”, if you think about it.  Anyway, take a look at this:

Markets hit the deck
After a single session’s respite, U.S. stocks return to their losing ways — and do so emphatically.
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Violent swing puts gold futures $20 in the red | Oil slide extends to Day 5 | Treasury yields drop
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Now all that said, be careful out there, even if you are buying.  Again, we can’t draw a line or try to catch the perfect bottom.