An Abbott and Costello Market

COSTELLO: There were 7 officers. There’s a 7. Now I’m going to divide to prove it to you. Now, 28 doughnuts. (writes 7 and 28 and a blackboard) Now, 7 into 2. You couldn’t even push that big 7 into that little 2. Therefore we can’t use the 2. I’m gonna let Dizzi hold it. … I’ll use it later. Now, 7 into 8…. One (writes down a 1). …
Now, we’re gonna carry the 7. It’s getting’ a little heavy, so I’ll put it right down there.
7 from eight. … 1.
Now, a minute ago, we didn’t use the 2. I’m gonna use it now. Dizzy, give me back the 2. Thanks. Put it right down there.
Now 7 into 21?
ABBOTT: Three times.
COSTELLO: 7…. 28… 13.
ABBOTT: Now wait a minute!

You want me to talk about Europe and the Euro, don’t you?  Sigh. I’m so sick of it. This isn’t capitalism, this isn’t trading — are we supposed to collectively game the Central Bank Bureaucrats’ next policy moves for the rest of our lives?

I raised hell with a bunch of investment bankers the other day by arguing that the only way to instill confidence back into the system is to simply start enforcing all the laws on the books equally to all corporations and people and to put bankers in jail and to let rates be set naturally so that you and me and my parents aren’t subsidizing bank fraud anymore.

I’ll be back in a bit with some thoughts about how we should be positioned and maybe a couple trading ideas for tomorrow’s latest ALL IMPORTANT EU-Bailout update from the same people who gave us the last 428 ALL IMPORTANT EU-Bailout updates.

Abbott and Costello – Math