And they’re off. Up along the inside is Apple…

And they’re off.  Up along the inside is Apple, but it’s a muddy track and the horse just ins’t catching as much traction as many had bet for.  With just a slight lead for Apple, the rest of the horses are bunched up in the middle, with Ciena and Celetica running second and third as we round the first bend. And trailing by a few lengths after a stumbling start to the day, Riverbed brings in the rear.

Anyway, folks, it’s a flattish open as the markets are trying to digest this rally’s big recent gains.

Reading the reports and listening to conference calls of both Apple and Riverbed, left my fundamental analysis (read: very strong growth fundamentals) in tact.  As I’d noted yesterday, I’m not planning to move on either name today, but will likely look to scale into some more Riverbed later this week or sometime starting next week.

No trades yet today.  Back in a bit with an interesting note on our new long Sandisk.