“And we’re back…”

“And we’re back…”

“And we’re back.”

I bet I said that 2-3x per show during my 528 episodes of hosting Fox Business Happy Hour.  But I mean it in an entirely different context this time.  This time, I mean, “And we’re back to where we were before the idiots at S&P who used to think that subprime mortgage securities were worth the AAA rating that the US apparently isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, our budget’s a mess (mostly because of endless targeted tax tricks, welfare and other subsidies for the big business), but you really think you ought to lend any crediblity at all to the guys who were willing to sell AAA ratings to corrupt bankers who they knew were defrauding and betting against the investors they were selling that supposed AAA crap to.

Take a look at what the market has done since the downgrade last Monday:

Aren’t you glad you didn’t panic at the lows last week?  And look, if you were puking or even feeling like puking your stocks and call options at the bottom last week, then you probably ought to consider catching your breath and trimming back a little bit now.   Point being that now, after we’ve gotten back to where we were before the idiots at S&P downgrade the US, is the time to panic over that very downgrade…not last Monday when everybody else was.

And seriously, trying to guide you to making better trading decisions at those crunch times like we just lived through the last couple weeks is a large part of why you’re paying for this subscription to TradingWithCody.com.  Avoiding that panic last week (not to mention even profiting on it with some of our trades like the Cisco call buying spree last week at the bottoms) is what will set your portfolio apart from the averages over time.

Thanks for reading, thanks for subscribing and thanks for fighting the good fight out there.  See you back here bright and early tomorrow.