Apple and the markets disconnect. Or do they?

Two days out from that “wild Apple reversal” that seemingly freaked out everybody and their dog as the markets reversed and sold off hard on Wednesday…well, nobody hardly remembers it.That said, you do realize that Apple has rallied 10% and fallen 7% and then rallied back 3%…in the last 11 trading hours. Crazy, and not something you have to try to navigate. If you’ve got a time horizon out to even 2015, you look to buy weakness in Apple and hold.The broader markets haven’t been nearly as volatile as Apple has been lately, and the further we get from that Apple Reversal Day, the less likely that reversal and subsequent volatility from Apple lead the market. That is, Apple was certainly the leader of the Nasdaq which has been the leader of the broader markets for the last few months. The broader markets and Apple are less likely to trade hand-in-hand for the next couple months tho.Feet to fire, as you guys now, I think both Apple and the markets are likely headed higher in coming weeks, months and for the next year or two anyway…but that’s different from their action being so tied together as they have been lately.I’m in Alumni Board meetings all day here at University of New Mexico, but I’ll sneak out and have more updates and a latest positions post before the end of day.