Apple is bigger than the entire Greek economy…

Good morning and welcome back to the circus, ladies and gentlemen.  We’ve got a positive open to the week, but there’s little move in the way of magnitude on the screens early here and breadth mostly flat.

Much of last week I spent doing more buying and I stepped up Friday afternoon getting a little more aggressive in my style and choice of options.  High risk and high potential reward in such moves.

As for the headlines this morning, it appears that mainstream media remains fixated on whether Greece, a country whose entire annual economic output, as  measured by GDP, is smaller than Apple’s enterprise value.  Yes, one little tech company here in the US is bigger than the entire Greek economy that the media and the bears are fixating upon.  Puts things in perspective for us, huh?

I plan to do some more buying this week and will let you know as I pull any triggers.