Ayn Rand is a hypocrite and other must-read articles

Here’s what I was reading and thinking about when I wasn’t dealing with the “The system is temporarily unavailable, please try your request again later” message TDAmeritrade this morning, which took over and has destroyed the fantastic technology I was using at ThinkorSwim.com which used to be my favorite broker. Sigh.

Early Look: Stocks Set To End Quarter On Down Note – Jordan’s morning note is a great way to stay up on the daily markets and it’s a part of my morning routine. And as he puts it in his summary: “The trading range for the SPX continues to coil and sets up for a breakout fairly soon.”  As I’d noted in a couple columns this week, I’ve been a buyer again as I think tech earnings in particular are going to be better than the very-ratcheted-down expectations.  Apple, Sandisk and in particular Google among others are looking like must-owns into earnings season.

BIS on FX HFT – “No Problem” – Bruce Krasting blasts currency trading and hits on the problems with split-second trading programs.  His conclusions are shocking in that he’s basically predicting that in the end that high-frequency trading won’t hurt the little guys, but are going to destroy the very companies like Goldman, Citi, Morgan, JPM and the others that are deploying such technologies. “Flip it”, as I used to say all the time!

Traders on TV are idiots – The video that won’t go away. Millions of views, despite the utter lack of credibility and history of the guy speaking. The guy in the first video that is. The guy in the second one might also be an idiot, especially if you ask the current bears who read my blog.

3 game changers poised to double – My friend, mentor and Jedi Master, James Altucher’s latest investment column. He’s bulling on our Microsoft, which I’m holding some long-term calls in that are actually slightly profitable already (for now?).

Friedrich Hayek Joins Ayn Rand as a Hypocritical User of Medicare – Yves Smith writes some of the most provocative economic and political finance columns on the Internet. She destroys Hayek and Ayn Rand, whose book Atlas Shrugged, helped inspire my original move to NYC back in 1996.

Ten Tech Stocks for the Next Ten Years – My latest eBook.  Here are the ten best tech investments I can find. I’ve worked hard to find us the next Apple AAPL and the next Google GOOG, just as I found both of those long before they were the mega-cap Wall Street darlings that they are today. Ten tech stocks that could go up ten-fold over the next ten years for $10. That’s right, the whole book is just $10.

And since we hit on Hayek and Rand above, how about a couple classic interviews with each of them from the WallStreetAllStars.com video library:

Friedrich von Hayek: His Life and Thought

Hayek on Keynes (1978)

Ayn Rand First Interview 1959 (Full)

Ayn Rand Defending Capitalism and Forecasting Economic Ruin of Collectivism

Cody Willard writes Revolution Investing for MarketWatch and posts the trades from his personal account at TradingWithCody.com. At time of publication, Cody was net long Sandisk, Goldman, Apple and Google and short WFC.