Best-case scenario for the bulls would be…

Out of the ashes came the dawn and the shape of things to come
Never surrender, just carry on, straight to kingdom come
And on the 8th day God created rock and roll (rock and roll) — KISS

Well at this point, a day without a 5% intraday swing seems tame.  Yes, the markets have rallied more than 3% on the day and I’m calling that “tame”.  Says something about the action we’ve been seeing lately, huh?

I sold some Cisco calls — mainly those I’d been buying earlier this week (I’m buying some out of the money calls…) and last week (Heading into the close, I’ve done a few more trades…).

Best case scenario for the bulls would for this market to just stablize right around here, up say 2-3% on the day without a bunch of crazy swings between now and the close.

Stay patient, stay flexible…stay in the game.  Or as KISS would put it — never surrender.

Rock n roll.