Chat Transcript from the site: Updates on FIO and more

Chat: Cody, love the feet to fire but also love the patience to not chase and take breathers and wait for the pitches. Love the service man!

Chat: Owned FIO since it was $17, but have been afraid to buy options as they were so thinly traded. That may all change now!
Cody: FIO beats big time. Stock ramping $5 after hours. I’m still getting my arms around this company, but I do have some calls in FIO as subscribers know. Thanks for pushing on this one!

Chat: I hope you really didn’t think I was pushing, Cody. I was just anxious to get your expert take.
Cody: I meant “pushing” as in, pushing me to do work on it and making sure it stayed on my radar. You weren’t “pushy” though! Rock on and thanks.

Chat: Cody, nice one on FIO…result!
Chat: Thanks for all the info Cody. I was skeptical signing up. You have won my confidence to this point. Great site and great advice so far! Keep it coming!
Chat: I second that! Awesome Cody!
Chat: Nice call on FIO Cody, and man that is thinly traded. I was able to pick up 10 march 35 calls which was half the volume at 4.20 which was steep, but I liked your rationale so I went with it. Thanks to you for what looks like a promising company with FIO.

Cody: Who’s more scared right now, the bulls or the bears?
Chat: Bears.
Chat: Bears.
Chat: Bears.
Chat: I am a bear. I am not just scared. I am scared to death.
Chat: Shorts are scared…
Chat: Bears are scared.
Chat: Bears are still scared
Chat: I’m a bull and I’m scared.
Chat: Why are you scared as a bull? Is it that the market should be up by another 5-7% by now or by this Friday? You should be smiling as a bull.
Chat: Bears are scared and unfortunately I’m one of them.
Chat: If I was a bull I’d be selling and going shopping.
Chat: Bulls are not satisfied yet. They still expect the market to go up on EU concerns. Which is how things are going.
Cody: Now running at nearly 10 to 1 “Bears are more scared right now.” This kind of result to the poll, is decidedly NOT a bullish indicator in my experience, FWIW.

Chat: So which is controlled by fear…the bulls or the bears? If the bulls are afraid then like you feel the market has run up and will not continue and so you are in cash. So if you are a Bear,  you are afraid this means the market will go up. So I want to understand this contrarian thinking. What makes someone a Bull…just to be long about the market?
Cody: I’ll write up an explanation to your post tomorrow with the results explaining why extremes in the reading can be good indicators. And yes, you’re onto the logic there at the end of what you write — the bears are more scared and that is probably a bullish thing.

Chat: Thanks Mr. Cody…I am typing from Ko Samui Thailand…small world.
Cody: Thanks for subscribing, Sudesh. Would you believe that nearly 25% of the subscribers to are in the Middle East or Asia. 50% US, 25% western Europe, most of that being England. I only take US dollars in payment though!

Chat: Yes England is with you Cody. What’s the thoughts on CSCO results and possible moves Cody?
Cody: I am not feeling a good feel for the feel for a feel of Cisco’s report and how the market will feel about it, so to speak. In other words, I don’t have a good guess on CSCO’s earnings just yet, though I do expect the report will be mostly inline.

Chat: Yeah, just a matter of time though. Its hard to sit on your hands and wait for the fallout!
Cody: Yes, it’s hard to sit on our hands and wait…but as usual, the hardest trade is probably the right one.

Chat: Thanks Cody for the words of wisdom! Much appreciated!

Chat: Hi Cody – I’ve been investing for 25 years and have subscribed to many services. I must say yours is by far the best. You’ve got great insight and a very measured and pragmatic approach which helps me sleep better at night. Keep up the great work! Thanks for providing an excellent service.

Chat: Cody’s great! I take his advice and do my own homework and use my own judgment. Keep it up C.W. Rock On!!!!!!!