Cybertruck 'Duds' and AI Studs: Unpacking Our Latest Q&A

In this week's action-packed Q&A, we dive into Tesla's soaring stock, Pfizer's potential, and the AI revolution's ripple effects. Plus, get a firsthand account of China's tech landscape and find out why we think the Cybertruck is far from a dud. Don't miss out on these market musings and more!

Cybertruck 'Duds' and AI Studs: Unpacking Our Latest Q&A
Cody's Model S In The NM Sunset

Here's the transcript from this week's Live Q&A Chat. Be sure to join our new chat room if you haven't already so you don't miss out on next week's chat.

Q. At what percentage of your portfolio would you start trimming a name? Good “problem” to have! Thank you again!

A. No set answer to this type of question, as it all depends on your own risk tolerance, your own goals, your own income trajectory and so on. I was just talking to someone who has seen Tesla and Nvidia grow to 30% positions over the years of being a Trading With Cody subscriber and I suggested to them that they should consider trimming a decent bit of both.

Q. What are your top 5 buys and sells today?