Earnings Schedule and Live Chat Today at 2pm and Monday at 7pm

Here’s the schedule of earnings for all of the positions, both longs and shorts, in the TradingWithCody.com portfolio:

Earnings Schedule for TradingWithCody positions

Earnings Schedule for TradingWithCody positions Longs Google         Already Reported April 12 Fusion-IO April 26th Sandisk         April 19th Apple         April 24th Cisco         May 9th Seagate         Already Reported April 17 F5         Reports today: April 18 Level 3         May 3rd Amazon         April 26th Autodesk Date not announced yet Nuance         May 10th Riverbed April 19th DBA         N/A Shorts Apollo         June 25th GLD         N/A LPS         May 3rd MBI         May 10th WDC         April 26th PNC         April 18th Live Nation Date not announced yet SLV         N/A

And don’t forget this week’s Live Q&A where you can ask me anything, starting at 2pm EST at TradingWithCody.com/Chat.

And on that note, I’ve had some requests to do a Live Q&A at night, so let’s plan on doing that next week. How about next Monday, we’ll do a special Live Q&A at 7pm EST.