Emotions around 9/11 and planning for the future anyway…

Emotions around 9/11 and planning for the future anyway…

Guys, I am having a real-hard time with my emotional state as we head into the tenth anniversary of 9/11.  I’m going to step away from the markets and the economy and deal with some of my own issues here this weekend.

Here’s something I wrote about 9/11 five years ago and it might as well have been yesterday:

The mushroom clouds, in what might or might not be slow motion are the buildings collapsing as I ran with my ex’s cat, Marquis de Marmalade so named because he was one 23 pound portly orange tabbie-gentleman, in a porta-cage in my hand on that fateful day almost exactly five years ago.  

And you know what…the worst part of writing about this is the same reason I don’t talk about it…I feel so guilty for not having somehow helped people get out…whew, that hurts to write…

I am feeling uneasy about this anniversary.   Restless nerves.

I cried when I read that right now.  I guess I’m telling you guys this because it’s important that we think this all through.  Before I finish the point, though, here’s a picture of where I was when the first building came down:


The point is, that, as bad as all this might feel, that we still have to plan for our futures today…and that means not letting our emotions dictate trading here, as so many people are doing.   Yes, it’s scary that there’s also a 9/11 anniversary threat…but don’t let the fear win.

Thanks for reading and see you Monday.