End of day and more on my latest investment book, The 100 Most Important Stocks on the Planet…

I’m running on fumes here after having spent the last few days in a whirwind putting the finishing touches on The 100 Most Important Tech Stocks on the Planet book and TradingWithCody.com site redesign.

Some of you are having problems downloading the book PDF from the site, so I’m attaching it to a blast email out to all of you. If you are reading this on the site and are a fully-paid subscriber, just email support@tradingwithcody.com and my staff will get a copy of the book PDF out to you.

As for the markets – we got my 5% pop from the lows. I wouldn’t be shocked to see another day or two in the green before the next down day, but I’m obviously not trying to game that right now. I didn’t do any trades today.