Every investor needs to be analyzing how these trends each one of their positions…

I don’t know how not to get pumped about the growth of apps,  smartphones, tablets and the cloud. I try to temper my bullishness, but  my analysis gets in the way.  Take a look at some of these headlines:

Apple trumpets 15 billion App Store downloads‎ – Computerworld

15 billion apps! And the app store has only been around for three  years now.  I got mocked by the bears (and dismissed by just about  everybody else) when I first started saying that there’d be more tens of  trillions of transactions performed on trillions of apps in the next  decade.  Speaking of a trillion apps by 2020 will be easy if these kinds  of predictions turn out to be even close to accurate…

IDC: App downloads to top 182.7 billion in 2015‎ – Mobile Business Briefing

Whether it’s a trillion by 2017 or by 2020 is probably the biggest question…but a trillion apps –yup, on schedule, check!

iOS Owners Buying 61% More Apps This Year, Paying Higher Prices‎ – ReadWriteWeb

Again, the bears and skeptics will (still) tell you that there was no  money to be made in apps, that apps were all a fad.  Yet the revenues  in the industry are exploding.  And speaking of exploding revenue  growth…

Analyst: Apps To Bring In $14 Billion Of Revenue Next Year – paidContent.org

From zero to $14 billion in a handful of years.  I don’t think  there’s ever been an industry that’s shown that kind of revenue growth  in the history of industry.  But what about concerns that revenues are  already peaking…

App store revenues to hit $37bn by 2015 – Canalys‎ – Total Telecom

Hmm, a near tripling in revenue over the next four years doesn’t  sound too shabby to me. (The $37 billion number is much too low in my  humble opinion anyway, by the way).

It’s not just apps though…there are lots of little niche companies  that will see huge growth as they facilitate the  smartphone/app/tablet/cloud future.  Think about what this means to the  economy and more importantly to us investors, to the companies selling  into this trend:

Mobile Payments to Reach $633B by 2014 — GigaOM

I don’t know about you, but these kinds of trends and numbers make my  heart pitter-patter.  The impact of all of this won’t just be felt by  the companies driving this future like Apple, Google and even Microsoft,  all of which I do think are must-owns right now too.   And the  suppliers into this future like Cypress and Corning should be  further investigated by any serious tech investor.

And frankly, the importance of analyzing these trends and the 50 App  Stocks eBook itself is not just for tech investors.  I mean, when we’re  talking trillions of apps and trillions of dollars being moved by  billions of people using these technologies in the next five to ten  years, I do think every investor needs to be analyzing how these trends  and numbers will impact each and every one of their positions.  Will  American Airlines conduct business in a decade like they do today?  Will  Taco Bell?

You can’t downplay the impact that apps/smartphones/tablets/cloud will have on everything you do. And everything you invest in.