Everything you need to know about the Occupy Wall Street movements

For today’s links, I’m going to continue covering and even do an entire links post here about the Occupy Wall Street and similar movements.

These people rightly angry about how Wall Street got bailouts and more importantly they’re pissed that we continue to spend trillions of dollars annually propping up the banks who no longer seem to provide any meaningful services to our country or its economy while cutting social services.  They’re rightly protesting that GE and so many other giant and wildly profitable companies don’t pay taxes, but are actually receiving billions in annual welfare payments and other subsidies.  They’re rightly ticked off that the reason the wealth gap has grown so wide in the last few decades is a direct result of governmental policies that redistribute wealth upward in gross and unfair ways.

Raw Video: Protesters Decry Wall Street in NMIn my home state of New Mexico they’re pissed that giant movie studios and their shareholders come here and get millions of dollars of welfare payments and avoid the same taxes that local businesses that struggle all year round have to pay.

Fox Biz Cody Willard has some guts They’re pissed that Marketwatch parent News Corp and other conglomerates continue to receive the huge tax breaks in the original TARP bailout for any corporation that makes movies in America with budgets somewhere between $25 million and $75 million, as I explained in this video back when the bailouts were just getting started.

They’re sick of the banks being allowed to pretend they’re solvent when they’re clearly still not, and that they’ll be expected to cover all the losses that rich idiots who risked their own money lending it to corrupt banking and brokerage corporations along with the investors who risked their own capital on bank stocks expecting to endlessly get dividends from a banking system that is no longer profitable in its core business model.

Martin Luther King – A Time to Break Silence They don’t understand how we can afford to fight all these wars and pretend that we can rebuild all these countries around the world when we can’t even afford to feed millions of hungry kids in our own country, much less find them jobs.

They don’t want higher taxes on the rich, as the New York Post wrongly accused them of today. They simply want the ultra-rich and the oligarchs funding the political regime in power for the last fifty years to stop receiving government-sponsored/-induced/-forced/-secured benefits that usually happen behind closed doors.  They don’t want ANY corporate-sponsored laws, bills or ideas creating the economic and political systems we live under any more.

How have we gotten so far away from the Constitution that we allow all this blatant redistribution of wealth from the working-class and middle-class to the richest people around the world?  It’s not about forcefully redistributing the wealth downward.  These Occupy Wall Street movements are about stopping the forced redistribution of wealth upwards in all its many facets that go on every day in this country.

Fox Happy Hour Cody’s Big 3: Sell, Scared, Lost FaithThey’re not anti-capitalists per se.  I mean, as I pointed out in this video here where I rightly predicted that the markets would crash because we’ve completely socialized our banking system.  I ask you — when the government is using your money to provide the vast majority of financing for everything in this country via its explicit sponsorship of the banking system in this country, are we even close to capitalism anymore?

Jamie Dimon Now Trying to Beat Up on Heads of Central BanksI don’t have a clip of it, but one of my last appearances Fox News was spent arguing against my old friend Neil Cavuto calling Jamie Dimon a “Capitalist”. Jamie Dimon, Hank Paulson, Ben Benanke, Bush, Obama, McCain, McConnell and the rest of these puppets are not capitalist and neither is Warren Buffett or anybody else who’s creating these policies or making money on a system that uses taxpayer money to fund a private corporations bets and bonuses.

Cody Willard Calling Out Jon Stewart Forget the names like left/right/ and Republican/Democrat anyway, that’s part of what these people are fighting too.  As I outlined here in this clip when I covered the original and so promising Tea Party before it was co-opted by the Republicans and aligned itself with giant welfare corporations like the Koch brothers businesses and bailout-loving Sarah Palin who propaganized for the original TARP bailouts when she was running for VP before she started pretending that she was against welfare.  Here’s Palin explaining how the TARP bailout was good for employment or something like that.  Sarah Palin Talks Bailout Proposal

Look, stop the ongoing trillion dollar welfare programs for each and every corporation while you’re trying to tell us that there’s no money for mass social services like Medicare and Medicaid.   These people know deep down inside that every citizen in this country would be paying less at the pump, less at the grocery store, less at the bank and less in taxes and that they’d be getting more governmental benefits if we stopped making laws and policies that prop up the giant existing corporations that dominate the status quo.  It’s that easy.

Occupy Wall Street is a tea party with brains They’d like to see the government do its only real job of enforcing every existing law equally to citizens and corporations alike.  That’d be a nice start!