Finding, adapting, and profiting from these marketplace revolutions…

I don’t like believing that the Fed’s ongoing 0% interest rates and  other unprecedented easy monetary policies along with trillion dollar  stimulus and targeted corporate tax and trade policies mean that we’re  going to see the greatest asset bubbles we’ve seen yet in the next few  years.  I’d rather the market not overshoot and overinflate what will be  an incredible boom in its own right — the app/cloud/smartphone/tablet  revolution.

I don’t like figuring out the best ways to profit from the slowly  swinging pendulum back against banks that would be insolvent without  continued “generous” accounting methods and welfare loans and trades  with the government.   I don’t like the idea that we can probably profit  by betting against the country’s largest mortgage servicer because all  the evidence points to serious accounting control issues and even  potential standardized fraudulent practices.

I certainly don’t like all the hate I get for not just considering my  run with Apple from $7 to now and from Google from $95 to now “good  enough” and instead sticking my neck out there and predicting that  they’re going much, much higher still.  I don’t want these app stocks to  truly go outrageous and bubblicious.

And I also certainly don’t like the anger I get from people at  Goldman, Citi, JPM and the other big banks, some of whom used to be my  friends and colleagues and employees, but most of whom hate me and my  vocal stance against the state-funded companies their employers have  become over the last few years during the so-called financial crisis.

But my homework, my analysis and my charts all have all been telling  me that those are the bets I should be making, and we’ve had a lot of  success investing our time, money and reputation on these trends as  they’ve been playing out.

Finding, adapting, and profiting from these marketplace revolutions  that are being driving by both technology and policy are required for  all of us now more than ever.  It’s not about partisan politics or  budget deficit impasses or pirated software — it’s about the ongoing  ramifications of the tens of trillions of dollars of wealth that was  created/moved/transferred/loaned/whatever during the bailouts and still  ongoing today.  It’s about the trillion dollar marketplaces for apps and  clouds and entertainment and news and information and gaming and who  knows what else is coming for the Endless American Tech Revolution.  And  it’s about the trillion dollar market caps all of the aforementioned is  brewing.

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Now that I think about it, I do like betting that technology is  disrupting age old business models that have fleeced consumers through  government-granted monopolies like cable television as it is disrupted  by your iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs, and who knows what is coming next.   Here are some recent articles by me about what stocks I’m in the cable  sector I’m shorting and why:

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