Going to (try to) assess the damage

I think and hope you guys will understand that I’m going to head on into Ruidoso/Alto to assess the damage and see how bad the fire still is. The fire’s still totally out of control and is spreading into the main parts of town. Thousands of homes at risk. I’m also going to try to get close enough to my property to hike a mile or two over to it and see how bad the effects of the fire have been so far. I most definitely won’t risk my life to go look at my house, but if it’s possible and safe, I’d obviously like to get in there and see what’s what.

The point is that this will probably be my last post for today. Tomorrow, I’ll have some updated analysis on several of our stocks that I was working on before the fire and finish up tonight.

The links to the video in the last post weren’t complete. So here’s the YouTube page where you can see the videos from that post.

Inferno as I evacuate

Silver Fox Ranch burning

Thanks for all the prayers and kind words.