Good morning and welcome back to the arcade…

Good morning and welcome back to the arcade.  Put your quarters in and play your game.

The markets started the days ugly, but have managed an intraday rally and there’s some green peaking through the screen.  Marvell came through for us, as the report was pretty darn strong throughout — certainly better than the consensus out there was expecting.  And the stock’s up about 11% this morning.  I’ve been a steady buyer of calls at lower prices, and we’ve got some gains in this one now.  And while the stock’s at the same level it’s been in recent weeks, I’m going to sell some of these calls to lock in some gains.

Autodesk was up a $1 pre-market, but it’s now faded and is down about 3% after its report yesterday.  I’m holding that one steady as I’ve just gotten started building it anyway.

Steady as she goes.  Back in a bit with a list of my positions.