Good morning and welcome back to the construction site

Good morning and welcome back to the construction site, where you better wear a hard hat and stay alert.

It’s another rally, with tech leading again, this morning.  Quite a move from the lows earlier this week, when the rest of the world seemed to be panicking even as we were steadily buying.  Nasdaq is now up 10% from its lows just 10 trading hours ago (6.5 hours of trading per day).

So on that note, if you were feeling sick and/or wanting to panic at those lows last week and into this week, then now’s probably a great time to let a little of that pressure off by taking some profits.  Trimming down a little bit and raising some capital again might be a great idea for you if you were miserable at the bottoms.

As for trading and me today, I might look to take a little off here and there and will let you know if I do, but mostly I think we have set our portfolios up nicely for both the longer-term and for the near-term as we head into earnings season next week.