Guess which headlines are from today and which are from two years ago

Here’s what I was reading and thinking about this morning when I wasn’t shooting hoops outside in the brisk mountain air.

The Biggest, Baddest Bubble of Them All – David Merkel writes: The biggest bubble, waiting to pop, is that of [I don’t want to give away the plot, so click through and read through to David’s real-time conclusion at the end]. We will find out soon enough the limits of the power of the government.  It won’t be pretty when it’s done.  Just be grateful that you don’t live in the Eurozone or China — the US will come through the crisis better off than them because of our relative flexibility in dealing with problems. (Italics are mine. Very thought provoking article, read it.)

On Banknotes – Wall Street All-Star Bruce Krasting with a bubble article of his own. He notes: “This is the weirdest “bubble” I have seen. A mad dash for [same thing as above, I don’t want to be anti-climatic — click through to read the entire article and see Bruce’s conclusions]. Like most bubbles, it is a result of manipulative monetary policy and an exchange rate regime that does not reflect supply and demand. Like all bubbles, it will eventually pop. And like all popped bubbles, that will cause a great deal of pain for all involved.”

Can you guess which of the following headlines are from this morning and which are from 2010?

  1. Ministers Seek Vote in Athens
  2. Euro Falls on Greece Fears
  3. Greek drama sinks stocks
  4. Greece debt crisis tests European Union, US stocks
  5. Stocks, Euro Slide on European Debt Concern
  6. Fears of Euro debt contagion send stocks lower

(Answers: 1-3 are from today’s headlines. 4-6 are all from 2010. Seriously.)

5 stock pros confess their biggest fears – I used to do a segment on my Fox Business TV show called “The worst trade I ever made” in which I’d ask money managers to tell viewers about the worst trade they ever made and the lessons they learned from it. Unfortunately, the segment was nearly impossible to book, as no money manager wanted to come on national TV and detail their worst mistake. This isn’t about mistakes, but I also like it when I see an article that tries to get some professional money managers to talk about fears.

Stocks versus Gold and Bonds – Another one from David Merkel, this one calling out Warren Buffett for misleading investors about what he’s really mostly invested in: “Also, be for real, Warren.  The dominant asset class inside BRK is bonds.  You hold a lot of them in your insurance companies.” I think I’ll just quote Merkel from his article again one more time: “Where should money be invested?  Stocks.  And as for me, 75% of my net worth is there.” A must-read.

Settlement Breakdown by State Plus Other Official Propaganda – Our NM Republican/Democrat Attorney General’s version of “justice”: Florida and California got $24 billion. Nevada got $1 billion. Our Republican/Democrat Attorney General and his R/D Governor boss just sold the citizens of our state down the river for our share…NM gets less than $100 million. I guess I should be thankful since Kansas’ AG sold their state out for for less than half what even NM got.

Then again, NM’s AG didn’t even bother writing his own press release for this disgusting settlement: NEW MEXICO SAYS MORTGAGE SETTLEMENT WILL PROVIDE STATE $91.7M – From his press release: “Says AG Gary King, ‘Also, the settlement does not grant any immunity from related criminal offenses and will not prevent potential New Mexico criminal prosecutions in the future.’ While the settlement includes significant relief for homeowners, it alsoputs in place new protections for homeowners in the form of mortgage servicing standards. Those protections would likely not have been included if the state had pursued only a money judgment in a trial. “

He literally cut and pasted that entire section above from his puppet masters in DC: Some Additional Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Details Released“While this settlement includes significant relief for homeowners, it also puts in place new protections for homeowners in the form of mortgage servicing standards,” ___ said. “That’s not something we’d see if we simply won a money judgment in a trial.”

And finally, here’s a must-see trader clip for the weekend:

Gerald Celente: “The selloff of America”

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