Headlines and trends to ponder into the weekend

Here area some headlines and some important trends that all of us should be pondering this weekend.

Don’t Just Sit There – Marcin’s cut-throat advice, “Sell something!” Speaking of which…

Weekly Sector Update: Cash is King and Are stocks really cheap vs. bonds? and Looking Skittish out There – I sure see a lot of skepticism out there. Is it really time to panic about these markets? Or was the time a month ago when the markets were at highs? From a contrarian perspective, I’m starting to see the bullish signs out there.

The Real Foreclosure Fraud Story: Corruption of the Land Title System -LPS is back in the news and not in a good way. Probably still too early to start leaning on this short again, but we’re getting closer, as these robo-signing/title crises get bigger and badder and will eventually hit again.

Schneiderman Propagandist Confirms Report of Lack of Staffing for Mortgage Fraud Task Force – Sigh.

A Study On Speculation in the Oil Market For Those Economists Who Have Apparently Not Seen It – Smaller commodity markets are likely being manipulated by the big-guns, if not oil itself. At some point that manipulation will fail and as it unwinds overtime, there will likely be some great shorting opportunities in the commodity sector, despite inflation in many commodities continuing apace.

And it’s time for our “Which headline is from today and which one is from three years ago?” game:

A) Europe Urged to Fix Crisis as G-20 Warns of More Stress


B) UK, France, Germany urge G20 post-crisis plan, tougher regulation

If you guessed that A is from today and that B is from September 2009, then you win the scratched record award of the week.

Google blacklists Bank of America parody website – The whole “Do no evil” thing at Google has rightly been mocked endlessly, but add this to the list of questionable doings at Google.

Check your emotions– That said, as I’d noted earlier this week: “The earnings were very strong, but the company’s topline growth needs to accelerate for this stock to truly get to my $2,000 by 2020 price target. I still expect that will happen as Android’s critical mass continues to grow and as Microsoft/Nokia and Rimm continue to falter.”