Here’s some of what I’m reading right now with some Cody-commentary on each…

Greece and the banks and Germany’s will to bail out other Euro countries. Have you heard?!  These are the headlines that matter today…at least according to the mainstream media.  I haven’t done a “Must-reads” posts with links in a while.  Here’s some of what I’m reading right now with some Cody-commentary on each.

Something Stinks in Euroland  – Simon, an old friend of mine, finishes his article quoting another old friend of mine, Michael Darda, “There is potential for very large systemic global shock,” he says and paints a picture of European government defaults, and multiple countries leaving the euro.”  I agree with that part.  But what about the next sentence, the conclusion: “Eventually it could drag down the entire world economy, he says.”

I sure don’t think that Greece and Euro falling apart would be bad for the economy at all. Indeed, as I wrote the last time we were supposed to panic over Greece in Let the Euro die and the bull market resume – “Did you know that the DJIA was up 20% per year for the five years heading into the initiation of the Euro?   The markets gave more than 10% annualized returns for the decade before the Euro started.  And in the decade since, the markets have been roiled and rangebound.   In the first five years after the Euro started, the markets went straight DOWN.  Not up.”

Semi’s (and I dont mean the truck) – Some rather objective trading analysis for a tech sector and stocks like Texas Instruments, NSM and Altera that have been hit in the recent market downturn.

Hacker Rattles Security Circles and My Interview with former Vice President Dick Cheney – I didn’t listen to the interview, but this quote from the former VP of the “Free World” caught my eye, “On tonight’s show host Michael Castner asks the VP if he plans to tweet. Cheney says: “You loose your privacy when you get plugged into that system.” One of the truest statements from the Republican/Democrat Rulers in a long time.  And yes, I’m on twitter anyway, @codywillard.

TV Viewing Still Growing Making TV Stocks Attractive – A more bullish take than my own (see Sell! Sell! Cablevision admits their business model is “badly broken”, for example) on the TV industry in an Internet-video world.

Bartz quits Yahoo board: report – Yahoo’s up 12% since Bartz was given the heave-ho.  It was up 4% during her years running the place.  Yahoo’s probably got more upside than downside for the next few months.  Microsoft would also get a boost if they’d give CEO Ballmer the heave-ho, IMHO. Ho, ho, ho.

Indicator Update for 9/11/11 – Good discussion of current economic indicators layered up on top of a trading outlook.  From the article: “In conclusion, most of these charts still support a bullish outlook (albeit a less bullish outlook compared to a year ago), especially in the context of a market that once again has become extremely bearish. Although there has been some deterioration in the economy’s growth fundamentals over the past year and in recent months, but there is still no indication that the economy is at risk of another recession.”   Italics are mine. I mean, “No indication”?  Interesting.