Here’s what I was thinking about and reading about today

Here’s what I was thinking about and reading about today when I wasn’t getting ready for the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium.

Why #OccupyWallStreet Doesn’t Support Obama: His “Nothing to See Here” Stance on Bank Looting – If you love capitalism, you are on the same side as the Occupy Wall Streeters. If you hate socialism, especially the ongoing multi-trillion welfare system that keeps otherwise insolvent banks and their corrupt management in place, then you are on the same side as the Occupy Wall Streeters.  If you are a true conservative who believes in free markets, then you are on the side of Occupy Wall Street.  If you’re a liberal who believes that governments need to redistribute wealth downward and not upward, then you are on the same side as Occupy Wall Street.  Don’t let the mainstream media’s continued desperation to pigeonhole this movement as a left/right or socialist/capitalist thing.  The TBTF banks including Goldman, JP Morgan, Citi and the rest of them lost all claims to being “capitalist enterprises” when they went explicitly on welfare under both the Bush and now Obama administrations.  These people want rule of law and justice. Wake up, members of the Democrat/Republican Regime. Both parties are the enemy of the Occupiers.

What Happened in September? – Bruce Krasting found some very interesting statistics and trends in the recent trading action and comes up with a conclusion about how to expect the markets to trade in October.

The Retirement Bubble – David Merkel challenges conventional wisdom about how you should be planning for your retirement. David’s one of the nicest, most giving men I know — he’s adopted and raised several children over the years for example — but he’s harsh enough in this must-read article for anybody who’s ever thought about how they’ll survive when they’re old that he actually finishes the column with: “Tell retirees to defer or reduce their retirement goals.  If they can’t even make it on that level, tell them that they have to work until they die.  A sad concept, but true for most of humanity so far. I’m not trying to be mean.”

Weekly Sector Update 10/07/11 – Jeff has been on fire with his macro-trading calls lately. Here’s his latest. He’s modest in trying to blame all his recent successes on “luck”.

Summer economic surprise – I’ve long pointed out the ridiculous fallacies in trying to game our own economic trends as well as earnings potential for our Apples and Googles types of investments by basing your assumptions on what the mainstream analyst community is wanting you to look at. The economy in the US, at least for giant corporate America, has been very good since 2009. That might change, but it won’t be because the Euro collapses or Greece finally defaults.  None of that mattered this summer. It didn’t matter the last ten years while our markets and economies stagnated as the Euro developed.  It won’t matter next year either.  That’s not to say the economy’s fine. But it’s great for corporate America and all signs are for more of that and probably newer, bigger asset bubbles ahead too.