Here’s what I was thinking and reading about this morning

Here’s what I was thinking and reading about when I wasn’t getting my back realigned this morning. Feels better though!

Optimism Running High In Europe Ahead of Big Weekend – Right now, while the markets aren’t crashing and the media freaking out, is the time to discuss such geopolitical problems and their investment ramifications, yes?  That’s what I’ve been doing in my own personal portfolio at for months now and it’s been a pretty darn good strategy (knock on wood).

How to trade Red Hat, Netflix, First Solar and five other stocks – I’ve been buying Netflix before earnings for a trade.

Pick a Pen Pal in the Top 1% and Tell Them How the Other 99% Lives – Challenge your own (mis-)perception about Occupy Wall Street by turning off the TV and reading something besides a corporate newspaper.

S&P 500 trading above 1,230 – I like Brian’s bullish thesis and his logic here, but I’m leery about the near-term.

Bernanke – “I’ve abandoned the dual mandate!” – Bruce Krasting calling out our Fed head.

And don’t miss the return of Rebecca Diamond:
The Gerald Celente interview: #OccupyWallStreet, who will be our next President, and lots of new predictions