How to dance at a rave (or why you shouldn’t force trades)

Good morning and welcome back to the rave where you better make sure you keep your wallet in your front pocket.


Funny video, huh? Which was your favorite move?

Speaking of moves — not much movement in the broader markets or in our individual positions and that’s probably a bullish thing for the near-term, as the steady momentum continues. Yesterday I’d mentioned in passing that I do expect a 5-10% pullback is coming as the market needs to wash out the weakhanded and newfound bulls, and that maybe the catalyst for such a sell off will be earnings seasons which kicks off in a couple weeks.

That said, we won’t know what kind of reactions earnings will get until we get there — it’s quite possible that good earnings will be rewarded and the broader markets can continue higher as earnings come in. I do expect we’ll see some pretty strong earnings and guidance overall this earnings season, but the reaction to those earnings will be key.

Don’t force any trades in the meantime. RIMM reports tonight, for example, and while I have been telling you guys that RIMM IS DEAD since back when it was above $60 a share, I don’t think you can game tonight’s report. The stock has been crushed and crushed and who knows what the catalyst for tomorrow’s earnings report reaction will actually be.

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