I am heading to NYC to join Occupy Wall Street this weekend and other links

Here’s what I was thinking and reading about when I wasn’t buying my tickets to this weekend’s hottest event — Occupy Wall Street! Oh, it’s free you say?

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Growing More Organized – First off, I want to let you guys know that I’m heading up to NYC this weekend to take part in these Occupy Wall Street protests.  The guys at WallStreetAllStars.com and I have donated $500 for pizza deliveries to the people at Zuccotti park and I’m going to personally deliver those pizzas to the protestors on Thursday and Friday nights this week.  I’m not planning on organizing any events but if you’d like to meet up with me while I’m out there, let’s plan something out in the comments area.

EU’s Barroso to offer bank capital plan Wednesday – Isn’t the BS over? I mean, does anybody anywhere actually believe that these bureaucrats in Europe are going to “fix” anything? As I’ve been saying for months, I fully expect we’ll see these guys redistribute trillions of wealth from the citizens of the EU to the corrupt, inept bankers who provide the capital that the governments who are supposed to fix the problem? The good news is, as I’ve been saying for months, that our economy and stock markets will be much better off once the EU and the Euro, and the concentration of wealth and power that it enables, collapses.  But for now the markets believe that they want another trillion dollars of losses on stupid loans to corrupt EU governments to be pawned off on the citizenry so the “banking system and economy can survive” or whatever their propaganda uses to justify this socialized welfare system for banking and funding our world’s biggest businesses.  I’m pretty sure that my livelihood and my ATM will work just fine whether Lloyd Blankfein and his stooges at Goldman Sachs GS are allowed to continue to borrow money from the taxpayer at 0% and gamble it in the stock markets with full knowledge that welfare money will cover any losses but that Goldman and the stooges can keep any profits.  Which leads me to the next topic.FDIC starts meeting to vote on Volcker rule – Likewise, does anybody really believe that there are any new rules or regulations or laws or accounting gimmicks that aren’t going to be fully manipulated and gamed by these giant banks and their lobbyists and the regulators who shuffle back and forth between all three of those titles?  Volcker gets respect from the mainstream media, but he’s just another socialist banker who’s biggest claim to fame is how he manipulated the money supply with his central controlling Fed which led to Greenspan which led to the Bernank…come on, guys, from Herman Cain (who was supposed to be regulating the banks while he was head honcho at the KC Federal Reserve) to Volcker to Geithner to Bernanke, they all are accountable for the banking system as it now exists, and I have more respect for the banking skills, ethics and common sense of the 90 year-old cowboys I play cards with in Carrizozo, NM on occasion.Stocks off as Slovak vote on rescue plan awaited – Seriously?  Seriously? Slovakia? A long time ago in NYC, I was once stabbed in the leg by a woman from Slovakia. I am pretty sure that will always have a bigger impact on my life than whatever the Slovak vote on the rescue plan for the corrupt bankers who lent stupid governments in Europe a bunch of money.  And I can’t remember the last time I thought about that incident with the Slovakian woman. Anyway, I think I’d rather listen to my old mentor Scott Rothbort…My Gut Feeling for Today, Oct 11, 2011 – As Scott’s analysis leads him to write: “Apparently, the media is pinning the softness on some comments by the out-going ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet and the fact that the European rescue package is now in the hands of Slovakia. Slovakia? Gimme a break!!! If the entire world’s banking system is hanging in the balance because of Slovakia, we have a much bigger problem around the globe.”  Scott’s looking past the latest nonsensical headlines about Europe to something that actually does matter — the upcoming earnings reports from Intel INTC, Alcoa AA and Novellus NVLS.Q3 ’11 earnings – the good and the bad – And speaking of earnings, Brian Gilmartin comes through with an excellent preview of the earnings season that starts this afternoon with Alcoa.