I think this market might finally be putting…

Another day, another rally. Ha, just kidding.  But we are rallied up another 100 points in the DJIA this morning and it’s tried to stick so far.  And I do think we’re getting closer to bottoming sooner rather than later.  I’ll rephrase — I think this market might finally be putting in a bottom around the 10,800 level or so.   And I’m going to be a steady buyer any time we dip from 11,000 as I have been doing thus far.

I’ll be writing a bigger piece today explaining why I think the near-term and medium term set-ups are finally getting to be out-and-out bullish.

Meanwhile, take a look at what those people at our biggest short, LPS, have their lawyers doing now.

Lender Processing Services Law Firm Targeting April Charney, Foreclosure Defense Pioneer – 08/23/2011 – Yves Smith

“This sort of thing shows the arrogance of local fixers who fail to realize that trying to cover up corruption once the public is on to the con has high odds of backfiring.”

Back in a bit.