I’ll also likely continue to look to add to my…

This morning’s action is almost exactly the flipside of yesterday morning’s action — we’ve got bad breadth with two-to-one decliners and a slightly down open.   Most of the mainstream media outlets are focused on trying to game the end of QE2, which they have decided is the most important Fed program to focus on…hmmm, I might point out that QE2 only transferred about $600 billion of welfare money into the TBTF banks’ coffers in the name of stimulating our economy vs the over $10 trillion of welfare money that the Fed traded the same TBTF banks for junky mortgage bonds and other off-balance-sheet, we-don’t-want-you-to-think-about-it in the last four years.  $600 billion in QE2 and whether it is started or ending is a distraction in a world where the banks would continue to likely be outright insolvent if not for legalized accounting tricks, 0% interest rate loans for TBTF banks, rampant mortgage/foreclosure fraud, and so on.  Let’s not get distracted with it.

Meanwhile, I have working the sell on my Nokia as noted yesterday.  Let’s not distract ourselves with it anymore either.

I’ll also likely continue to look to add to my Microsoft and Visteon today — the MSFT because I think it’s looking ready to pop, as I’ve recently noted for you guys, and the Visteon because I’m still in the building-up phase of building up that position.

Let’s stay focused!