In much surprise to none of you, here are today’s headlines…

In much surprise to none of you, here are today’s headlines…

This time next month I’ll be shocked if we see a single headline about Greece, its budget and why the citizens agreed to make the public of Greece suffer to keep bank investors whole.  Heck, this time next week the mainstream media will have decided that there’s some other major headline out there that must be driving the daily value of the thousands of stocks that make up the stock market.

Anyway, in much surprise to none of you, here are today’s headlines, trumpeting how Greece and the EU worked it out this time:


Greece, euro zone prepare for key battles ahead
After surviving a no-confidence vote, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou must muster support for deeply unpopular round of austerity measures.
Greece wins confidence vote. Now what?

Euro’s political masters
Matthew Lynn writes that politics, not economics, are at the center of recent market dilemmas.

Stocks in retreat
as Greece relief fades
Apparent aversion of default cheers investors on Wall Street, but that only goes so far. Fed on tap.
Greek stocks flat

That “stocks in retreat” article is already telling you that the mainstream media’s decided some other news much be more important now.

As for our stocks, we’re up slightly this morning even as the broader markets are just about dead flat.  Riverbed’s now up 10% from where it was last week when we got aggressive in the name.  Not sure I’ll do any trades today, but we’ll see if we get some movement and therefore some opportunities later.

Back in a bit.