Introducing the new app for your iPhone and iPad…

It’s a mobile/smartphone/tablet/cloud/app world, as you guys know.   And I’m continuing to plow into that world head first — today we’ve turned on a brand new app for for you subscribers who have either an iPhone or an iPad and also on a brand new feature for you subscribers that will enable you to use all the content and capabilities of our site on your mobile browser.

So if you’ve got an iPhone or an iPad all you have to do is pull up up on your Safari browser and when the page loads, it’ll automatically prompt you to add a TradingWithCody app icon onto your homescreen.  Say yes and your new TradingWithCody app is installed and ready to use.  The app and/or the mobile page will prompt you to sign in if you haven’t already, but once you do sign in, you’ll have full access to everything on the site and more.

So please go visit on your mobile phone and let us know what  you think.

I did no trading today and I’ll see you back here bright and early tomorrow.