Investor must-reads into the weekend

The markets are down across the board. I’m not looking to do much trading and buying yet. As you guys know, I’ve been letting this turmoil play out a bit before getting aggressive. Still am. Let’s run through some headlines this morning that every investor should be reading:

U.S. nonfarm payrolls: Just 115,000 jobs added in April – Three years ago, I wrote a lot about how the bailout and other corporate-friendly policies from the Republican/Democrat Regime and the Fed would create two disparate economies — a booming corporate sector (and stock market) and continued pain for the middle class and poor people. That is still the case and low six figure job growth won’t even account for population growth in this country. Corporate profits are indeed continuing to hit new all-time highs. This strategy has been incredibly profitable and while it will end at some point, I don’t think today is that point. Stick with the playbook. Surely, your next Republican/Democrat Regime puppet president, Robama or Obomney can fix that with more tax code tinkering, right?

Zuckerberg IPO to Make Him Richer Than Ballmer – Wonder what we’ll be saying about MSFT’s valuation vs. Facebook’s valuation in ten years. Guesses, anybody? Which one will be worth more — Facebook or Microsoft? As for the CEOs, will Zuckerberg still be Facebook CEO or will he just be Chairman at that point? Will Ballmer finally get fired so Microsoft has a chance to lead again?

Smaller Investors May Get to Own a Piece of Facebook – I am rather surprised that Facebook isn’t trying to value itself over $100 bill to get started. The stock probably has juice from the $30s on the IPO if you can get an allocation, because it will pop if it comes public at a valuation of less than $100BB. I still think Facebook will someday be a great short opportunity, but not at a $90 billion valuation when it comes public.

New Police Strategy in New York – Sexual Assault Against Peaceful Protestors – After a subdued Occupy Wall Street winter, the question is whether the #OWS movement gains traction or finally gets stolen by the Democrat side of the Republican/Democrat Corporate Regime. Remarkable, is how to describe the adherence to independence by the OWS movement thus far. To remind everyone — the Occupiers are the capitalists who are fighting for rule of law applied equally and blindly. Modern-day Wall Street investment banks which are by definition fully-funded by taxpayer largesse in this day and age, are the socialist/anarchists who are destroying capitalism and rule of law. Don’t believe what anybody else tells you about the Occupiers. I have been to Zuccotti Park to help fight for our country and I have many, many contacts who are still actively Occupying in the name of Rule of Law.

Draghi predicts eurozone recovery – You’ll have to click through to find out if this headline is from today or last year. Broken record, broken record, broken record. All these plutocrats know how to do these days is promise total collapse unless they get trillions to allocate to corrupt bankers in the name of saving the economy and then to promise that those trillions really worked this time. Until next month, when they rinse and repeat again. Stop the madness by prosecuteing accounting control fraud and making every shareholder of every TBTF bank deal with the actual losses on their respective balance sheets which would lead them to all fail and be broken up which would bring back some competition and let’s be done with all of this.

Wells Fargo Share of U.S. Mortgages Tops 33%, Trade Journal Says – Where is the FTC enforcing anti-trust law against WFC? Oh, that’s right, they’re out there going after innovative tech companies that are creating huge market share with innovative tech products like search and e-Books…but the regulators actually enable these TBTF banks to use welfare funds to grow larger? Sigh.

Weekly Sector Update – US Real Estate – I read everything Jeff Miller writes and here’s another must-read by the guy. As for real estate, I do think that it’s a great buy if you can buy land or other real estate for 50% off or more as I have done in New Mexico.

Back in a bit with the trades of the week.