Latest positions + update on Facebook + the best summary of the EU crisis ever

Facebook continues its anti-hate rally for now. It’s up more than 10% from where we stepped in to buy it, trading above $29 earlier this morning. Doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the bottom, but I’m holding my common and calls in it for now too. The calls give me a lot of upside leverage over the next six and eighteen months respectively and that would mean that if FB were to continue to rally, these would kick in and make my exposure to FB get larger as the stock crosses my strike prices. In other words, the calls will make my relative exposure to FB larger as it goes up. Anyway, the point is, I’m holding my already very large Facebook position steady.

Here’s a great video about the Greek crisis. If the markets crash on Monday because of Greece, which has a supposedly big, important vote happening this weekend, we’ll want to buy. I say supposedly big and important because for us no matter what happens over there in Greece that it’s entire GDP is less than Apple’s own market cap. For Greeks in Greece this vote might be important, but I doubt that too — it won’t anything for them anyway, because if the banking industrial complex which is inseparable from the governments and parties which run those countries (and ours too) will simply make another vote happen if they don’t get the results and promises they want from whoever does win this weekend.

All that said, I’m less than convinced that the markets would crash no matter what happens with Greece this weekend because we’ve been obsessing about it all so much over here for so long already — meaning it’s likely already more than baked in from a longer/intermediate-term perspective, even if Monday is down 2%.

This hilarious-because-its-accurate video about the EU-debt crisis is from the British comedians, Clarke and Dawe. Seriously, everything they say is totally true and it really is the best summary and explanation of the EU-debt crisis, you’ll ever see:

Clarke and Dawe – European Debt Crisis

Now that you’ve watched the video and you saw Roger the Financial Consultant’s conclusion of “Sell everything immediately. Quickly.” I’ll point out that the date of publication of this video is actually July 13, 2010 — when the Nasdaq was at 2249…25% less than today’s quote.

You think I’m making this stuff up about why you always want to buy the markets every time they panic over the EU-crisis? Here’s what I was writing for my subscribers back in July 2010, at the same time this very video, which again is totally accurate in fact but totally irrelevant to the stock market (just like the still ongoing EU-crisis today is, see?!) was being recorded:

Take the other side of headlines proclaiming: “Dow Repeats Great Depression Pattern: Charts”. I’m saying RIGHT NOW that market’s about to rip 10% higher from this 9800 level this morning by summer end on its way to 12k by sometime 2011. $$ 12:32 PM Jul 7th 2010

The market did indeed rip 10% higher from that level to year’s end and it did indeed get to 12k by 2011. Despite those darn EU-crises we’re supposed to be panicking about all the time around here!

Here’s a list of my latest positions in approximate order from largest to smallest. I give each stock a current rating from 1 to 10, 1 being “Get out of this position now!” and 10 being “Sell the farm, I’ve found a perfect investment” (there will never be a 10 rating, because there is no such thing as a perfect investment, of course). Anyway, here’s the list:

Longs –

  • Google (8)
  • Apple (9)
  • Facebook (9)
  • F5 (8)
  • Level 3 (8)
  • Fusion-IO (9)
  • Sandisk (8)
  • Lindsay (8)
  • Broadcom (8)
  • Seagate (7)
  • Juniper(8)
  • Cisco (7)
  • Autodesk (7)
  • Nuance (7)
  • Zynga (8)

Shorts –

  • Apollo (7)
  • GLD (7)
  • LPS (8)
  • MBI (7)
  • WDC (5)
  • PNC (7)

No trades for me this week, as I have been holding steady with my positions (not to mention, still evacuated from my home and office) so you won’t be getting a “trades of the week” summary. Have a great weekend and see you Monday.