Like I said, I’m staying laser focused on…

Like I said, I’m staying laser focused on…

A few years ago Google released their Trends tool, which graphically shows the frequency of whatever search term you’re curious about.  As an investor and analyst, I’ve found it’s a great tool for gaming marketplace trends.  You guys know one of the marketplaces I’ve been looking to for huge growth, right?  Apps, right?

So let’s look at the search trends for the word “app”:

Pretty amazing growth, really, eh?  Hockey stick anyone?  And how about the search trends for the term “iPhone”:

You can see how the interest spikes and plateaus with each new iPhone version that Apple rolls out.   And not to neglect iPhone’s little brother, how about the trends for people searching the term “Android”:

Before you decide that Android’s chart is even more impressive than iPhone’s chart, let’s compare them relative to each other, which Google Trends also let’s us do:

The point of all these charts is that they underscore the huge growth in this App Revolution.  Here are some links to some of my columns about how to invest in the App Revolution with lots of stock picks in them from the last six months:

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Like I said, I’m staying laser focused on finding us profits on our app stocks.