Links for today…

I got a lot of great feedback about my “Revolution Investing Must-Reads” links column on Monday, so I’m going to start doing these links-with-Cody-commentary columns more often.  Here’s what I’m reading today and a few thoughts about each headline:

Bicycle Stability Versus Table Stability – My old friend David Merkel wrote this piece back in 2007 and republished it today…because it’s just as relevant in the current economic set up as it was back then.

Japan puts ex-spokesman in charge of nuclear crisis – I’ve been worried that one of the next so-called Black Swan events that could roil these markets could end up being yet another re-run of recent past Black Swan events.  More to the point, is it possible that we’ve overlooked just how bad the damage and ongoing fallout over the Fukushima disaster is and will get?  Yes, of course. That said, (first, my heart continues to go out to all the people affected by this tragedy) the market would likely panic on any such new developments from the Fukushima disaster but that such panic would probably be a buying opportunity as it was last time.  And finally in regards to this headline — does the fact that the Japanese Prime Minister if putting a spokesman in charge of the crisis a good sign or a bad sign?

Bank Of America: ‘Phase I” Of Cost-Cutting Will Eliminate 30000 Jobs and UBS To Layoff 3500‎ – Banks and bank profits are way too big as a percentage of history, as I’ve outlined several times before (see How to fight the bank bailouts and profit while doing so, for example).  These are not the last of the big lay offs from the big banks that we’ve spent trillions propping up only to see them eventually shrink to size anyway.

Broadcom’s acquisition makes it a buy

What does Netlogic make that Broadcom wants so badly?

“Netlogic’s products are designed into various systems, such as switches, routers, wireless base stations, access aggregation, radio network controllers, security appliances, networked storage appliances, service gateways, and connected media devices offered by original equipment manufacturers.”

You know, that whole App/Smartphone/Tablet/Cloud infrastructure thing we’ve been investing in.  This won’t be the last 50% pop in this sector.  Hopefully we’ve got the next one on our sheets already.

At TechCrunch Conference, Talk of a Bubble – Been a while since we saw talk of “Talk of a Bubble” in the headlines. As usual, I’d much rather be on the other side of the worries in the headlines and if they’re still worried that tech’s already in a bubble…I’d consider that very bullish for tech.