Make the hard trade

Hey, just a reminder that with me being on the road all day that I won’t be able to meet you guys for this week’s chat at 2pm EST. We’ll do it again next week.

As for the markets, the most remarkable thing is simply Apple’s continued straight up ascent. With it being our long-time biggest position, we’ll take it, and I’ve hardly let go of a share so far as I’d told you I was planning on being very gentle about trimming here.  But I do plan on continuing to trim a little bit of that position as it is now at $582, up from the $350 it was at just a couple months ago.

You know how good it feels right now? Remember how bad you felt when the mainstream media and the markets were freaking out about the Greece-EU-Crisis a few months ago?

Another old saying you guys should think about is — the hardest trade to make is usually the right one. How hard is it to sell Apple right now? How hard is it to trim down as the markets are going nuts? Then again, how hard was it to buy when the markets were crashed and the Euro was supposedly going to destroy our US economy?  Make the hard trade.