Market open and another new book: 10 Tech Stocks for the Next 10 Years

Bugs on my ceiling, Crowded the floor
Standing, sitting, kneeling…A few block the door

And now the questions:
Do I kill them? Become their friend?
Do I eat them? Raw or well done?
Do I trick them? I don’t think they’re that dumb
Do I join them? Looks like that’s the one  — The Kinks

My first boss in the professional world, a real estate appraiser (I became a registered real estate appraiser during college while working for him) will tell you when you ask how he’s doing on Friday that, “It’s Friday!”.

And indeed, it’s Friday.

The best acting stock of the day isn’t the one that’s up the most, but it’s Sandisk, which was down $1 earlier, but is now up $1 on the day. It’s still one of my biggest positions and I’m holding it steady with lots of calls that have kicked in and some still above these levels which would provide more upside leverage if this stock can rally on.

And speaking of Sandisk, it’s one of the 10 stocks I’ve compiled from the big 100 Most Important Tech Stocks on the Planet book into a brand new, much smaller, more manageable book I’m called “10 Tech Stocks for the Next 10 Years”, which I’m of course selling to the general public but am of course giving to you guys for free. It’ll be up on the site in a few minutes and you can find it attached to the most recent blast email.

My brokerage accounts are acting funny today and right now I can’t get my balances at TDAmeritrade, which took over and has destroyed the fantastic technology I was using at which used to be my favorite broker. Sigh.

Pearl Jam. Bugs.

Back in a bit with positions, links and updates. Rock on.