Market wrap and see you at the Superbowl of Indexing in Phoenix next week

The strangest part of today’s market action — how little the markets moved intraday once they had opened up 3% across the board. Most days with a move of that magnitude entails some wild intraday swings too, but today once we opened, we just flatlined near the day’s highs. I didn’t get filled on much of anything today and as you guys know, I’m fine with that for now.

One quick scheduling note — I’ll be moderating a panel of leading economists and money managers as well as giving a speech at the IMN Superbowl of Indexing Conference next Monday in Phoenix. Here’s a link with more info:

My topic for the speech is “The Occupy Movements and their coming impact on your portfolio”. Sound familiar?

Thanks for reading and for subscribing and I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow.