Markets and answers for you NFLX questions…

The broader markets remain down and mired with mostly red stocks this morning, but the Nasdaq has turned and tech is leading an intraday rally upward.  At least for now.   I’ve continued selling down the positions as noted earlier and am now done.  I’ve gone from being aggressively long to having about 30% in cash now.   That much cash is both a function of the needing to step away from the table after a big run and also so that I can rest easy while I’m away fishing on Thursday and Friday.

Here’s a quick email back and forth from a friend of mine who used to run Google’s Hollywood business development and who subscribes to this service:

I’m going to add to my NFLX long on this weakness.  Thoughts?  — D

My reply:

I’d let it settle for a couple says first but nothing fundamentally changed today for nflx – Cody

Him again:

agreed.  my little birdies are telling me the pricing data is looking good too.  so i’m thinking about doubling down soon.   –  D

My reply:

I don’t think the price changes are a negative at all and I do think this one is likely a great one for the next five years.  But I can’t own them all. – Cody