Meta Money, Or, The Influencers AGI

Meta Money, Or, The Influencers AGI
An AI-doctored photo of Zuck with facial hair that went viral on Instagram this month

This is Part 6 of a series of articles breaking down and ranking the AI strategies of the Magnificent 7. 

"One thing that became clearer to me in the last year is that this next generation of services requires building full general intelligence. Previously I thought that because many of the tools were social, commerce, or maybe media-oriented that it might be possible to deliver these products by solving only a subset of AI's challenges. But now it's clear that we’re going to need our models to be able to reason, plan, code, remember, and many other cognitive abilities in order to provide the best versions of the services that we envision. We've been working on general intelligence research in Facebook AI Research for more than a decade, but now general intelligence will be the theme of our product work as well." -- Mark Zuckerberg on Meta's Q4, 2023 Earnings Conference Call.

We're almost to the end of our series analyzing the AI strategies of the Mag 7.

Up next is Meta Platforms (META), with its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is also a wannabe influencer (ha!). It's ironic that the guy who owns the platforms that enable super-cool influencers to exist often gets trolled on the internet for his awkward social interactions (like the doctored photo above or this one from a few months back when Zuck wasn't sure what to do with his hands at a UFC event).