More on my $1000 price target for Apple

Late last week, I sat down with the WSJ’s Simon Constable and Bob O’Brien, a couple of old friends of mine, to talk about my $1,000 price target for Apple.

Let’s be clear that I’m not saying Apple’s headed to a grand by the end of this year or something. I’m looking out over the next few years as I get to that target. Watch the video below for more.

Here’s what I was referencing from about what the future of living room entertainment holds and how Apple gets us there:

Q. I just read that the iPad 3 has more memory than an xbox 360. With tablets becoming more powerful do you think that in say 10 years anyone will be using desktops and/or video gaming consoles for everday gaming/computing tasks? Will we look at someone on a desktops and say,” wow you still have one of those?”. A. I love to think about how today’s trends will extrapolate into tomorrow’s markets like that. And yeah, I tend to think that within ten years, I’ll have a credit card-sized or USB-sized smartphone/PC/camera/projector gadget that will always be connected to everything I care about on the cloud/Internet and I’ll be able to tell it verbally to put me in a Star Trek-like holodeck when I watch the seventh and final season of ABC’s “LostReturns” in my living room in my pajamas on my ranch in New Mexico on a Saturday night with my future wife and kids. But as for me personally, I do collect old electronics and I bet I’ll still have the 15 computers I’ve owned and used over the last decade.

My favorite question from the interview was indeed probably that one about how the future of tech isn’t necessarily sum-zero, meaning that it’s not only going to be Apple AAPL +0.79% that wins. Google  GOOG +0.22%, Microsoft MSFT +0.27% will be there too and their suppliers like Sandisk  SNDK -0.66% , Fusion-IO  FIO -1.24% and others that I’ve cited here are likely to continue secular growth from here too.

Stay focused out there today. Back in a bit.